Plus32 pre employment testing

Why use our testing system

First, we designed the first computerized testing system in 1986 and most of the features found in our system have been copied by other companies.

We have 4 tests in 4 different languages to insure you have the right information you need to make an informed hiring decision.

Personality profile (Personality test), Sales aptitude ( sales test ), IQ test (IQCS) and a Math & Verbal test

Don’t start your next interview with “so tell me about yourself”

You need facts:

Who is sitting in front of you?
What are this person’s weak points, strong points?
Are they Patient, Aggressive, Detail Oriented, Emotionally stable, Persuasive?
Will you have problems down the road?
If hired, could this person upset the other employees?

Do they “fit” in your department…Will they work with your management style?
Does the person have management potential or will they always require supervision?
Can the applicant handle stress…How much?
Do they have personal problems… are they likely to bring them to work and make them “your”
problems ?
Do they have a good memory for details…Can they retain information quickly?

Will they need training…How do you train and motivate them?

Cut to the Bottom Line…

With our system, you get exactly what you need: Pure Facts, Fast, Accurate, Cost Effective.

Hiring the right person for a position can be challenging if not downright impossible without the proper tools and information. Let’s face it, we wouldn’t build a house without a set of blueprints and the correct tools so why should building a winning team be any different ?

The resume is a start but:

1-Is the information on the resume correct? Compare it to our personality profile and see if it matches.

2-Does the applicants character and talent traits match the achievements on the resume?

3-Does the applicant have the right character and talent traits to work well with your people, your management style?

4-Does the applicant have the ability to learn quickly?

5-What training will the applicant need and what is the best method to train them?

6-What is the best position on the team or in the department for the applicant to succeed?

7- Who would be the best mentor for this applicant?

Our Employment testing system will provide the answers to the above questions and more. The 4 different tests will provide a “blueprint” for the applicant to succeed or show you the applicant does not have what it takes to succeed in your company.

With a bad hire costing thousands of dollars and loss production, you can’t afford not to test. One bad hire could result in other good employees quitting because of disruption and low moral caused by the bad hire.

Let’s look at a typical sales hire and how our system works.

You would first personality profile test the top sales people in your company to see what their character and talent traits are and what type of personality they have. You would then use our benchmarking program to automatically select a benchmark file in which to gauge applicants. Next, you would give the top salespeople a sales aptitude test to see at what level they are at. With this information we are now ready to test applicants.

The applicants send their resume for your review. You would review the resumes and select the ones that seem to fit your company and have the right education and experience. Your next step would be to administer a personality profile to each one of the selected applicants by E-mailing them the instructions for our simple Internet program.

When the applicants have completed the profile you would then review the reports to see if they match the resume. Are they aggressive, detailed, persuasive etc. Did they pass the benchmark test compared to your best salespeople? At this point you would select the ones who passed the benchmark test for a sales aptitude test to see if they are at the same level as your best salespeople and where they will need training.

When the sales tests are returned and processed, you would select the ones who made the grade and do a background check.

Now you have most of the information you need to make an informed hiring decision. At this point you have:

1-Weeded out all applicants that would not fit the position or work out in your company with one report.

2-Selected the top applicants with the most potential and have an in-depth report allowing you to know more about them than their best friend, complete with interview questions based on their excessive traits.

3-You have all this without even meeting them and spending time and money getting them to your location. At this point you bring them in for your interviewing process. If more than one person needs to interview them, the reports should be sent to each of the interviewers along with the last interviewers remarks.

This procedure may be used with our different tests for each department to insure you hire right the first time. Our trained staff will help set up the tests you need along with answering any questions you may have.

With hiring mistakes costing thousands of dollars, competitive pressures necessitate hiring right the first time. In order to do this, we must have a complete picture of an applicant’s or employees strengths and weaknesses and how they will fit into your organization. This picture must include an assessment of their skills, their personality, their work ethic and consideration of compatibility with the immediate supervisor.

Some reasons to use our system:

1- Hundreds of large company attorneys have reviewed this software for legal points.

2- Hundreds of large and small companies use this software to hire right the first time.

3- Bottom line reports that anyone can understand, no training needed.

4- Fast, accurate and cost effective.

5- Easy to use Internet program 24/7/365

To see why companies worldwide are hiring right, Sign up for a free evaluation account to see how our system can help your next hire.


Start hiring smart