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Why IQ-CS Tests are Important to You.

  Our IQ test was designed and developed to show common sense. It’s not how much book learning you have had but how well you can solve problems and think logical. The higher the score the more common sense you will have and the more logical you will deal with problems. This helps in the workplace because people with good common sense make better decisions and learn faster. A lot of times an employee isn’t working out is because they just don’t have any common sense.

  There are three major reasons why we believe it is important to perform well in intelligence tests. The first, and perhaps the most obvious, is obtaining a high score could prove a considerable advantage to you In some circumstances. Such tests are used as a means of assessment. Their ability to do exceptionally well on such a test might considerably enhance the chances of obtaining a sought-after-job, opportunities for promotion, a place at a prestigious college, or selection for officer training. While it is most unlikely that such a test will be the only form of assessment used, their score could still exert a powerful influence over their chances of success in these and many other important areas of endeavor.

 The initial benefit comes from being able to prove just how efficient their mind can be if given the chance to function properly. The first advantage of taking these tests and discovering how to tackle the problems they contain is that it provides useful practice in analyzing and organizing information effectively.

What It Means- IQ-CS score

0-80   Although this score is below average, you should not be discouraged by such a result. Anxiety and one’s attitude any toward any mental task can interfere with effective mental functioning. It could be that a lack of familiarity with such test made the applicant more nervous than would otherwise have been the case. Good interview questions may help in this area.

81-105  This is an average score. You certainly ought not to feel discouraged by such by such an outcome. Most applicants receive this score.

106-119  This score is above average. The applicants level of IQ is found in the top twenty-five percent of the population. A certain anxiety over the task and lack of the correct mental problems for tackling some of the items probably combined to bring down the total score. With training the applicant should be able to lift their performance by at least one if not two categories.

120-129   This score is well above average. This level of test performance is found in the top ten percent of the population. The brain programs they will soon be acquiring are going to remove any confusions and boost their confidence so that most of the questions that caused them difficulty can be solved with ease.

130-139  This level is of superior intelligence. They are obviously good at solving problems and can have found little difficulty with the test. Their thinking techniques, decision- making skills and reasoning abilities are excellent.

140 and above – Only about one in five hundred can expect to attain a score this high it indicates a very high level of mental ability. There is still scope for even greater efficiency in their thinking, however, since there is unrealized potential in the best of brains.

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