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Don’t hire a clerk when you need a closer

  You have a product or service to sell. You need good salespeople. Will a used car salesperson be able to sell your computer products or will a computer salesperson be able to sell your used cars?  Will you need a more patient salesperson, one who has the analytical abilities to present your product or service or do you need the aggressive get the check on the first call type salesperson? With our sales aptitude test, you will be able to test your applicants and know in minutes if the person sitting in front of you has the ability and character traits to do your sales job, within 10 minutes! Do you need to know if you need an A-type, B-Type or C-Type salesperson?

  Our sales test will let you know the applicants personality and how the applicant scored in 11 different areas in sales and where they will need training. Don’t hire a clerk when you need a closer. Know before you hire and save time and money.

  Different types of products and services need a different type of salesperson. With our system, you will know who you have, what they know and what they can do before you hire them!  Stop the revolving door and the “hire and hope” method and start using our testing system  today.

  The 11 different areas we look at are:

Closing abilities – Presentation abilities – Over coming objections – Cold calling – Qualifying abilities – Inside sales – Outside sales – Telemarketing  Assertiveness – Ethics – Sales level.

 Plus general sales questions designed to allow you to know what this person expects from you and what you can expect from them! We see a lot of sales testing companies clone our test but wouldn’t you rather have the original?

 Get the best sales test on the market with over 28 years in development. Pre employment sales tests are all over the web but do they have the accurate data you need?

Don’t you need to know all you can about your next sales hire?

Sales test areas

The Sales Aptitude Test will provide you with a “profile” picture of a sales applicant. Listed below are examples of what the report will let you know about your sales applicant:


·        Their knowledge, skill, ability and experience·        Areas that need further training
·        What type of company they prefer to sell·        What type of company they will best sell
·        How many years experience they have in sales·        How many sales jobs they have had
·        Preference selling a service or a product·        High ticket or low ticket
·        Past training in sales·        Better suited for inside or outside
·        What compensation they prefer·        Past compensation earned in sales
·        What monthly income needed just to pay bills·        Do they want to be promoted
·        What methods motivate the applicant·        What style of a sales person they are
·        The applicant’s ethics in sales·        If they would make a good cold caller
·        How aggressive the applicant is·        If they will make good presentations
·        Is the applicant a strong closer·        Areas they need further training
·        If they would hard sell or soft sell·        If they sell big or small deals


Inside sales

Inside sales positions, directed to retail sales positions, usually one on one sale.

Outside sales

Outside sales positions dealing with a more aggressive sale.

Qualifying abilities

How well can the applicant qualify a potential client? Can they determine the client’s needs, wants? Do they know the right questions to ask?

Presentation skills

How well can the applicant present your product or service? Can they convey the service/product? Do they control the sale, ask the right questions at the right times?

Objection skills

How well do they handle objections? Do they know an objection is usually the first step of closing the sale?

Closing skills

Do they have what it takes to ask for the sale? Are they aggressive enough to ask for the sale?  Do they know how and when to ask for the sale?

Cold calling

Will the applicant cold call? Do they have the aggressiveness to cold call? Do they know who to talk to, how to get in the door?


Can the applicant convey your product / service via the telephone? Can the applicant sell or set up an appointment via the telephone?


Will the applicant stick with the sale, or give up after a few tries?

Ethics in sales

Is the applicant honest? Does the applicant take pride in selling on honesty, quality and experience? Will the applicant lie to your customer?

Sally Sample Sales report