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Plus-32 Employment Testing System online 24/7/365

We utilize a generic website where your pre employment applicants take the tests from and a PDF report will be automatically emailed to you within minutes 24/7. You may also place a simple link on your website to ours for testing. The testing website is generic so applicants will think they are on your company testing site taking your custom company tests. This will allow you to receive applicant reports from anywhere in the world without faxing any profile sheets or having to enter any data. A different account may be set up for different departments or branches so each manager receives their own reports. Our standard benchmark files may be used or we can create custom benchmark files for you. Human resource managers will love the simple to read reports with interview questions, how to manage and motivate this applicants page and up to 15 other detailed pages about the applicant you need to know.


  At the present time we have 5 tests available: (all reports are in English)

1- Personality profile in English,  Spanish, Italian and French

2- Sales Aptitude in English and Spanish

3- IQ test in English and Spanish

4- Basic math & verbal skill test in English

5- A résumé  profile that may be sent with a résumé to set the applicant apart from others for recruitment companies


To get started using the Internet program all you need to do is fill out the evaluation form below and we will set up your account. New clients will receive Free reports to evaluate the system and see how easy it is to use and how much information you receive from each report. Applicants enter your Authorization Code which allows us to know where to send the report and a benchmark # to run the applicant against. When you sign up you will be provided your Authorization Code, Sample email to applicants, benchmark program and instructions for applicant testing. All reports are in the PDF format which may be emailed to your departments, clients or other branches.

Up to 3 different people may receive each report and you may have a different authorization code for each branch or department with 3 different emails for each one. Consultants will love the new reports with their Logo, phone number and name on the front page and all page headers making the reports look like customized reports from their company. Search firms can receive a free résumé profile with each personality profile run.


Over 30 years have gone into designing and developing the Plus-32 tests.

We were the first in 1986 to:

Have a confidence score (*will they bring their problems to work?)

Have a consistency score (*did they lie or try to sway the test)

Compare 18 different character and talent traits (*do they have what it takes?)

Test sales people in 11 different sales areas (*are they a closer or a clerk)

Have a management summary (*what it takes to manage them)

Have a benchmarking feature (*do they add up to your best in that department)

Have a computerized test (*no faxing, entering data)

Have interview questions (*find out the truth)

Give you bottom line facts about the applicant


Many of the other companies selling testing programs today have copied us but….

You don’t need a special course to read our reports. To see sample reports click here: Plus-32 sample reports

One look at the chart page on the personality profile will tell you if you should interview the applicant and if they “fit” your position.

You don’t need to spend 1 penny to see what we offer and how it can help you in your hiring decisions. Fill out our free evaluation form today and get started.

Online testing 24/7/365