Plus32 pre employment testing

HR Tools for agencies/Consultants and In-house HR

Are you an agency/consultant having problems selling new clients?

Are you a HR director with a revolving door at your location?

With thousands of employment agencies/consultants fighting for clients it’s a tough market. We both know what the client wants. Good employees. That’s the bottom-line. Sure, you can read résumés all day and pick some out to send your client. You can call ex-employers and ask were they a good employee but that’s what all agencies do. What makes you different? What if you could:

1- Use our employment testing system and send the client an 8 page résumé report or an 18 page full PDF report on the applicant with 18 different talent & character trait scores along with their personality type and how to manage and motivate them. This will look good on your résumé  and help you secure and keep clients.

2- The sent report to your client will also include interview questions based on the applicants weak and extreme traits, personality type and 18 different character & talent traits saving the client time and money. One look at page 3 will let them know in minutes if they should interview the applicant.

 They would know in minutes who you want to send and if they “fit” the position and company. They will also have a page that shows how to manage this employee and how to motivate them. This will save them time and money and show you will send them good qualified employees. You will also have a tool that your competitor doesn’t have.

If it’s a sales position our PDF sales aptitude report will show in 11 different areas where they are at in sales ability and where they will need training. 5 different levels will allow you to know if they are a fit. Don’t send a clerk when they need a closer or don’t send a closer that will quit when they need a clerk..

If the applicant needs common sense to do a good job then our IQ-CS test will show how much common sense/knowledge they have and how quick they can learn. This is very important for companies that change constantly and need employees to learn quickly and make logical decisions.

If the applicant needs to be able to count change, figure out a percentage and communicate well with the clients customers then our Math & Verbal test will sort them out. They are the face of the client and we want them to look good.

If you want powerful tools to allow you to rise above the competition then we have the tools for you. We have over 40 employment agencies using our tools and most have been with us for over 18 years. They know getting in the door and keeping a client is tough and they win because they are more than a “Me too” sales pitch. Our 5 consultants we recommend for hiring are all booked up for months because they do the job right and deliver because of our tools.

Applicants take the tests online with a simple email from you and within minutes you will receive the PDF reports in your inbox. View the report and decide which company they would best work out for. Keep reports in your file for future reference. Fast, accurate and cost effective.

Even if you are not an HR agency but in-house HR you can benefit as well by using our employment testing system. Be a hero and hire the right employees the first time and make your life a lot easier.

  We will give you 8 Free reports to test our system and see if it can help you. You won’t spend a penny and we won’t bother you with sales calls.

 A great tool to make you different and make you money

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