Plus32 pre employment testing

Free Evaluation account

We understand you may have your doubts about testing or our system (there are now hundreds out there) so we have designed a special promotion just for you. Our promotion is to have you take 8 of our reports to evaluate our testing system.

Use the 8 free reports to test any of your employees with any or all of our 4 tests to evaluate our system free of charge. This will allow you to test your employees and truly evaluate our system using people you know well to compare to our testing results. (test your best salesperson and the worst to see the difference)

To sign up just fill out the evaluation form below and we will send you the instructions to test your employees. We are the only company we know of that lets you use our system for free before you purchase it. That’s how much we believe in our system. So go ahead and sign up for our free evaluation account and let us show you how valuable our reports are and how they can help you hire right the first time. No one will call or give you a sales pitch, I promise. Our reports speak for themselves.

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