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Example Email for applicants

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An Example Email:
Dear Bob,
Thank you for your interest in our company/agency. As a part of our screening process, we ask job candidates to complete a few employment tests online.

This is a way for us to assess some of your personality traits and aptitudes in an objective, unbiased manner to support our interview processes and find the right position for you.The tests only take a few minutes and the reports are sent directly to our HR department.

1. Go to the testing site at
2. Please take ONLY the following marked test(s)
a. Personality Profile **
b. Sales Aptitude
c. IQ test
d. Math & verbal test
3. When the test opens, the first blank asks you to submit an Authorization Code.
Please enter _____ for the Auth code

Next to the auth code box is a BM# box. Put ___ for the BM#.

Be sure to type in both correctly. Please fill out all fields in the test header.
*Attention, only take the marked test/tests above. The results will not be sent to you. We will follow up with you after we receive the
Thank you,

This is the email you send applicants. Within minutes you will have the full report in your inbox in a PDF file to view/print or send to your hiring company. They will know more about the applicant you are sending them then the applicants best friend.

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