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Bench marking – Baseline

We were the first software testing company to design and use “Bench-marking” back in 1987 and now almost everyone has it and here is the reason why: How often do you hear the phrase “I wish I had 10..Ted’s. I would have a very successful department with no headaches.” Bench marking is the key to duplicating your “Ted’s”. The reason Ted is doing so well is because Ted has the right personality, talent and character traits needed for the position and your company/management style. You see, Ted is comfortable working for you, with his position and the way he is being managed and motivated. He has all the skills necessary to do the job and everything “clicks” for both you and Ted.

By testing Ted and creating a benchmark file, the next applicant can be compared to Ted to see how close they come and where they differ. Let’s say Ted is a salesperson selling computers. The position requires a person that is patient, analytical, somewhat aggressive, detailed, persuasive and confident. Ted is a C/A personality with all these traits.

Benchmarking is a unique way to evaluate applicants to see if they have the same personality, talent traits or character traits of someone now doing a good job. If you are hiring for a new position then we can help you set up a new benchmark that will work or suggest one of our 40 standard benchmarks to use.

The Test:

Now let’s say a new applicant applies for a sales position and you test them using the benchmark made from Ted’s scores. You find the new applicant is a B/A personality with little detail, analytical, or patience traits.

The results:

The applicant is a different personality which will upset Ted because they are extremely opposite in personality and both need different motivation to do a good job. Your manager will try to treat both the same and it won’t work. The applicant does not have the character traits or talent traits to sell your computers which means you will have to fire them within weeks and you both lose. You may also lose Ted if the new applicant upset him and caused him to lose sales or confidence. At this point had you hired the fast talking, persuasive B/A personality, you could now be looking for 2 new employees with lost revenue and double the cost.Using our testing system, you would know before you interviewed the new applicant was not the one and could have saved time and money. Maybe the new applicant is better suited for your telemarketing department and you could re-run the report against the telemarketing benchmark to see if it’s a fit.

Bench marking makes sense and works. It takes just minutes to choose a benchmark with our bench marking program and you will instantly see who fits and why when you hire your next applicant. If you’re not using a testing program, you are using the most expensive testing there is, “the hire and hope” method. You need to know for sure if your new hire will work out and will “fit” your company. Use Benchmark scores to how it can help you fine tune your company

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Bench-marking, when you need to be sure